What Foods Should You Eat When Trying to Lose Weight?

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Creative Commons License photo credit: DanieVDM

Sometimes when you are trying to lose weight it is difficult to know what foods to eat. Snacks, breakfast, lunch dinner… it can become a bit overwhelming. In this post I am going to give you some great ideas for what you should be eating when it comes to weight loss time.

How to pick your foods: what should you eat?

When you go to pick out a pair of shoes in the store you know what you are looking for. If a pair of shoes isn’t possessing all the right features you simply won’t buy it. If it doesn’t have the right name, the best fabrics, the correct shape, etc. you won’t put it on your feet. The same should be true of food. You need to learn what to look out for and when the food on the shelf doesn’t meet those requirements you don’t put it in your stomach.

1. Food should be natural
When it comes to losing weight you need to get rid of all the highly processed foods and start choosing natural. Natural foods are good for you. The human body has adapted over many thousands of years to rely on these foods and thus works best when you eat them.

The best natural foods are plant based. This means fruits, vegetables, legumes, nuts and so on. The human body’s digestive tract is perfectly built for these foods and our cells operate extremely well when we eat them. Try to get as much of these foods as possible.

2. Foods should be low in sugar
When you are looking for those extra sauces and flavors to go on your natural foods you need to make sure that they are low in sugar. Sugar is, without a doubt, your number one enemy when it comes to losing weight. It will add pounds to your butt and waist before you even know it and it will add zero in terms of healthy benefits.

3. Foods should be colorful
When you are in the fruit and vegetable isle looking for the ingredients to this week’s meals you should keep your eye out for one thing – bright colors! There are many theories that suggest that the human eye sees in color in order to help us find the right foods. And the best one’s are bright!

Think bright green spinach, deep yellow bananas, blood red tomatoes and full orange pumpkin. These are the types of foods you should base your diet around.

4. Eggs and meat should be free range
While I do not believe that meat is 100% necessary for a healthy weight loss plan I know a lot of people like to eat it. If you are one of those people you might consider purchasing free range meats and eggs. There are two reasons why: it is ethical and it is healthier.

Non-free range animals are kept in terrible conditions. They are often force fed their food and kept in cages that don’t allow them to turn around or stand up. Many scientists also believe that this makes them a lot less healthy to eat – hormones and cancers produced by a terrible life are then eaten by us. Choose free range or miss it all together.


If you stick to these basic principles you will find that selecting your meals will become a lot healthier. Weight loss, actually, is more about getting healthy than it is about trying to lose weight. Try it and see how it goes for you.