How to do Triceps Dips for Toned Triceps [VIDEO]

The triceps dip is one of the best exercises for toning the triceps muscles. It is extremely easy to do – you can do it at the gym or at home on your lounge room table. In this post I will show you an instructional video as well as a step by step guide for how to do the perfect triceps dip.

Triceps Dips Instructions:

1. Warm up
Start with a light warm up in order to get the muscles warmed up and the blood flowing.

2. Position your hands
Place your hands on the bench around shoulder width apart. Every woman has a different comfort zone when it comes to triceps dips so make sure you find yours. If your positioning is too wide, however, you will injure your shoulders.

3. Extend your legs
You can place your feet on the ground out in front of you or you can put them up on another bench in order to make the exercise harder. Make sure you are well balanced.

4. Dip
Use your triceps muscles to hold your body while breathe in and dip down. Do not dip so far that you feel a big stretch in your shoulders. There should be some stretch but not too much.

5. Push up
Push your body back up slightly faster than you dipped down whilst breathing out and tensing your triceps muscles.