How to do Calf Raises for Toned Calf Muscles

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Creative Commons License photo credit: © sunflour

Calf muscles are very important to a gal. They are often on display when wearing shorts or a skirt and look fantastic when they are toned, tight and well shaped. Well one of the best ways to tone your calf muscles is with the calf raise. This time and tested exercise is easy to do and super effective.

How to do the calf raise

Here is a simple instructional video that we made to show you how to do the calf raise. All you need is an elevated platform (that is very stable!) and something to hold on to. Check it out.

You should start of doing around 20 repetitions and then have a break and perform another set. Once you become stronger and more adept at the exercise you can start to add weight to your body by wearing a heavy backpack or holding some dumbbells. This really kicks the muscles into overdrive!

Make sure you warm and and warm down before doing this exercise as the deep stretch you feel at the bottom of the motion can sometimes be too much for your muscles if they are not properly prepared. Enjoy.