How Long Do I Have to Walk to Burn Fat & Lose Weight?

RUN: Steph and Matt 19
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A lot of women choose walking as their preferred method of weight loss. It is low impact, easy to do and quite relaxing. But how long do you actually have to walk for in order to burn fat and lose weight? In this post I am going to give you a few ideas.

Does walking burn fat at all?

The first question we need to ask is one that might shock a lot of people. Does walking actually burn fat at all? Can you lose weight by just walking? Some people say yes, others say no. And in fact, there is no hard and fast answer. It depends on how fast you walk, how often you do it, what time of the day you walk and whether you do it on a regular basis. To be honest, there are better ways of burning fat. But if you are just starting a weight loss program and need to build up to something more intense then walking is a great thing to do.

So how long do I have to walk?

So how long do you actually have to walk if you want to burn fat? Well the answer is not as pretty as you’d hoped for. A recent scientific study of over 34,000 women shows that if you want to lose weight and maintain it you need to exercise around an hour a day, every day. That is very different from the current recommendations of half an hour four times a week.

Are you serious?
Yes, the study is deadly serious. But to be honest I am struggling with it. I know scores of women who lose weight exercising less than that. But the question to ask is whether they maintain that weight. Losing weight is easy, maintaining your new levels is not.


An hour a day of walking is what is needed if you want to lose weight and maintain it. There really are no quick fixes when it comes to weight loss. It is hard work, dedication and a lot of sweat.