Essential Diet Tips for Women for Fast Weight Loss

Eating pizza
Creative Commons License photo credit: JuliaRosien

With millions of diets aimed at women it is tough to know what us are supposed to do. One diet says this, another says that and in the end we are all left scratching our heads. In this post I am going to give you some essential diet tips for faster weight loss.

Eat six or seven times a day

This is an old tip that everyone has heard before but no one seems to be paying attention to. How many times have you eaten today? Go on. Think back. I am betting that you have had breakfast and maybe a snack. That’s it. Well, eating less won’t help you weigh less.

It is important to eat six or seven small meals spaced about and hour and a half apart. Why? Because this helps to keep your metabolism burning which in itself burns up a lot of calories. Digestion is a big fat burner. Make sure you are eating smaller meals more often if you want to lose fat fast.

Cut out refined sugar

Refined sugar is not only an enemy to your waistline, it is an enemy to your health. This white demon will leech good nutrients from your body and make you unhealthy and sick. It will also make you fat.

Refined sugar, sadly, is in almost everything we eat. Why? Because it is addictive and bloody tasty! The problem is the foods that are high in refined sugar are often low in nutrients meaning you fill up on foods that are called “empty calories”. This means you are getting foods that are high in calories but low in protein, fiber, calcium and other essential goodies. Cut out the sugar.

Don’t eat within an hour of bed time

One of the worst mistakes a girl can make if she is trying to lose weight is to eat before bed. This should be a given but we always forget because we always get cravings!

Food you eat within an hour of bed is almost all stored as fat because you have no immediate use for the calories. That late night cereal, ice cream dessert or second helping of dinner leftovers will go straight to your butt, abs and thighs. Never eat within an hour of bedtime.

Eat more vegetables and fruit

It is okay to have a second helping of vegetables. It is okay to pig out on fruit. These foods are extremely rich in vitamins and nutrients and keep you slim and healthy. They are natural. They are what a woman was meant to eat.

The theory behind this is simple. If you eat more fruit and vegetables you will be eating less man-made junk food. And this is a good thing. Don’t feel guilty about eating big servings of fruit and veg. It won’t change your waist line at all as long as you are cutting back on the other junk.


These tips are not new. They are very old in fact. And they are popular – popular because they work. Apply one or two of them to your diet and see how you look in a few weeks.