3 Motivating Thoughts to Get You to the Gym

Public Domain - English Bay Jogger
Creative Commons License photo credit: publicdomainarts

Have you ever missed a gym session because you just couldn’t be bothered? Ever set your alarm early with the intention of doing a workout but then hit the snooze button and gone back to sleep cos you couldn’t muster up the motivation? I bet you have. We all have.

With that in mind I have put together a few inspiring and motivating thoughts that you can bring to mind every time you think you are going to fall back asleep instead of going to the gym. Hopefully they help someone out there.

3 motivating thoughts to get you to the gym

These thoughts are just temporary fixes. You can use them when things are really bad. However, you need to find a lasting motivation inside yourself that gets you through the tough times. You need to develop the habits. If you don’t you will soon lose interest and no inspiring thoughts will help you.

1. Working out will make me live longer
Life is so short. You might have kids who you are going to have to leave behind one day. But working out can extend the time you have with them. Hitting the gym can cause you to live a few years longer. Running and weight training are excellent for your longevity.

2. Working out will make me feel better
Working out makes you feel better. Each time you go for a run or lift some weights your body releases endorphins and these make you feel good. If you struggle with depression you will do well to remember this one. Exercise is one of the best things you can do to make you feel better.

3. Working out will make me look better
I do not know one single person who likes the way they look. But exercise can change this very quickly. It helps us to burn fat and build muscle and over time we will come to like the way we look. Working out will make you look better and as such you will feel better about yourself.

What gets you out of bed in the morning?